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Tentative Assignment Schedule for French V: 
  • Assignments are always subject to change, and what is assigned in class is the correct assignment. 
  • All assignments are due the next school day.

  Week of May 7-11
 LundiIB packet

 MardiStudy for tomorrow's quiz on elements of a speech
 MercrediIB packet (2014 D & E)
 JeudiPaper 2B

 VendrediStudy for Monday's quiz on relative pronouns and elements of an email

  Week of Apr 30 - May 4

 MardiFinish what was not finished in class
 Jeudip. 202-203, ex. 11 & 12

 Vendredip. 206-207, ex. 16 & 17
Study for Monday's quiz on the elements of a familiar letter

  Week of Apr 23-27
 LundiWatch this clip and this slideshare and be ready to discuss them in class:
 MardiVocab list p. 181
Paper 2A (2013) - Choose one and write it.
 Mercredip. 184, #1-7 (full sent. each)
Study for tomorrow's quiz on the elements of a blog
 Jeudip. 187:  #1-8 (full sent.)


  Week of Apr 16-20
 LundiReview subj.

 MardiStudy for tomorrow's quiz on subjunctive
 Mercredip. 168-170
 JeudiIB packet

 Vendredip. 174-175, #1-5, #1-2

  Week of Apr 9-13
 Lundip. 152-153 in the grammar packet, ex. 15 & 16

 Mercredi(no class)
 JeudiStudy for tomorrow's quiz on p. 137

 VendrediReview for Tuesday's quiz on subjunctive

  Week of 



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