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Tentative Assignment Schedule for French IV: 
  • Assignments are always subject to change, and what is assigned in class is the correct assignment. 
  • All assignments are due the next school day.

  Week of March 19-23
 LundiReview p. 198-199

 MardiGuided notes p. 203-205 (in Documents section)
 Mercredip. 204-205, ex. 1 & 2


  Week of Mar 12-16
 LundiPhoto & 10 discussion questions

 MardiPrepare an oral.  Record it.  Write 2 paragraphs about it (what you did well and where you can improve).  You will need to turn in these paragraphs.

 VendrediChoose a photo, take notes, prepare at home.  You will present in class on Monday.

  Week of Mar 5-9
 LundiGrammar notes p. 198-199

 MercrediStudy for tomorrow's vocab quiz

 VendrediPhoto & 10 discussion questions

  Week of Feb 27-Mar 2
 LundiNo school

 JeudiWhatever was not finished in class

 Vendredip. 196, ex. 1 & 2

  Week of Feb 19-22
 LundiIB packet

 MercrediContinue on region presentation
 JeudiFinish presentation.  Most will be presented on Tuesday, with 2 on Wednesday.
 VendrediNo school

  Week of Feb 12-16
 LundiGrammar notes p. 178-179, 2 paragraphs about your Travail Ecrit

 MardiResearch "les grands penseurs" mentioned in the reading on p. 169.  Be able to discuss them in class tomorrow.
 MercrediReview for Monday's Ch. 5 test
 JeudiPrepare for "Au revoir, bonjour"

 VendrediStudy for Monday's Ch. 5 test

  Week of Feb 5-9
 Lundip. 168, ex. 9 & 11

 MardiGrammar notes p. 171-172
 Mercredi2nd page of PC/IMP/PQP worksheet (available in Skyward)
 JeudiIB packet

 VendrediSnow day

  Week of Jan 29 - Feb 2

 Mardip. 163, ex. 6, 7, 8
 MercrediGuided notes p. 143-144
 JeudiPrepare practice oral to give in class tomorrow
Take notes p. 167-168
 VendrediSnow day

  Week of