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Tentative Assignment Schedule for French IV: 
  • Assignments are always subject to change, and what is assigned in class is the correct assignment. 
  • All assignments are due the next school day.

  Week of May 14-18
 LundiPrepare Francophone country presentation

 Mardiex. A, B, D in the packet        
 Mercrediex. E, F, G in the packet
 JeudiReview for tomorrow's Ch. 9 test

 VendrediReview for Monday's Ch. 9 test

  Week of May 7-11
 LundiFinish p. 328, ex. 5

 MardiIB packet
 MercrediPractice Paper 2 (200-300 words)
 Jeudip. 335-336, ex. 4, 5, 6

 Vendredip. 336-337, ex. A & B

  Week of Apr 30 - May 4

 MardiFinish what was not finished in class
 Jeudip. 326, #1-6, p. 328 notes

 Vendredip. 325 ex. 5

  Week of Apr 23-27
 LundiVocab list p. 314-315

 MardiGrammar notes. p. 316-317
 Mercredip. 317, ex. 1 & 2
 JeudiGrammar notes p. 319-320

 VendrediStudy for Monday's quiz on p. 316-317

  Week of Apr 16-20
 LundiStudy for tomorrow's quel/lequel quiz (moved from today to Tue)

 MercrediPacket ex. A, B, C
 JeudiStudy for tomorrow's Ch. 6 test

 VendrediIB packet

  Week of Apr 9-13
 LundiReview the expressions of time

 MardiReview the expressions of time - practice quiz on Thursday
 Mercredi(no class)
 JeudiStudy for Monday's quel/lequel quiz

 VendrediStudy for Monday's quel/lequel quiz

  Week of